The Geisha

Is it the beauty of the perfect appearance or is it the beauty that is also visible from within? A intriguing tension reveals itself between who we are and appear to be on the surface

Kettei ~ the determined

Kettei ~ the determined

Yūki ~ the courageous


A soft gaze into the blanc distance, where she imagined her colorful self

Yūgana ~ The graceful

Seiren ~ The Refined

Ryokō-sha, charcoal on paper, 2021

Hikeame ~ the modest

Senshi – the warrior

Sen’yō ~ the designated













The Geisha drawings contain different techniques and sizes, from A5 to the biggest size of A1. All works are available separately, as well as framed. Wanna see or know more? Please fill in the contact form to get in touch 🖤

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