A Forgotten Journey

is a new project that is inspired by the migration history of my family. My research forms my own vulnerable journey where the unknown and forgotten history and personal stories drive the work. I have travelled to visit significant places, dived deeper into the history connecting stories of past & present.


Exile l, Oil on paper, 32,5 x 50 cm, 2023

Exile ll, Oil on paper, 32,5 x 50 cm, 2023

“One’s forgotten journey from place to place is unique, it is a constant rewrite of our own experiences onwards”

Migration equals movement, a forward movement of ourselves as well as our cultural identity. We leave behind and surrender ourselves to a journey of new hope. In a state of displacement there is only dreams we can rely on, dreams of a better future. Mandy’s new project ‘A Forgotten Journey’ is both a research and attempt to¬† visualize her the family’s migration history in the Middle-East. Having to leave their country of origin, they had no choice of moving towards a new future elsewhere. In her search through personal family stories and documentation about this period, she finds value in creating art as a family legacy for coming generations and everyone that resonates with migration and how that effects us and our future.


Displaced l, Oil on paper, 32,5 x 50 cm, 2023

Displaced lll, Oil on paper, 32,5 x 50cm, 2023

Dancing with gravity, oil on canvas, 1 x 1,50 mtr, 2023


In the far distance they imagined what could be ahead, a new life, a new promise

This project will continue onwards, as all of your stories related to migration are very welcome to expand this visual journey. Please get in touch and share your personal story with me.